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    Markus Patterson sinupalpal ang basher na bumabatikos sa itsura ng kanyang anak


    Buong tapang na sinupalpal ni Markus Patterson ang isang basher na bumabatikos pisikal na anyo ng kanyang anak.

    "Let’s be honest. I’m no stranger to bashing. But come for my son and I will come for you. People like this make me sick, wala pang isang taon anak ko and ya’ll making fun of a NEWBORN."sabi ni Markus 

    Ibinahagi rin ng actor ang screenshots ng kanyang mga taong bumabatikos sa kanyang anak at sabi niya ay hindi umano niya ito tatakpan.

    "Not gonna erase the names, proud nyo eh.

    for the people in this post, I have no words other than I hope you someday find the happiness you need to fulfil that hole in your hearts. 

    Maybe one day I can check on you all,

    Since I have your names."

    Photo Credits: Markus on Facebook

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