Pagkain ni Catriona Gray ng Empenada sa Ilocos nagviral

Nagviral ngayon sa social media ang mga larawan ng pagkain ni Catriona Gray ng Empenada sa Batac City Ilocos.

Kahit si Catriona ay nawindang rin sa mga komento ng ilang netizens.

"This comment section has me "sa ni Catriona 

Narito naman ang ilang sa mga komento ng mga netizens:

"I'm for it being used in a plastic labo use but not so for paper use, because I think if people were to argue 'What about ketchup and vinegar ?' Well everything is good but in moderation."

I Think that Vinegar and Ketchup has always had a good relationship with each other. We were colonized by Empanada and We have Vinegar and Ketchup even up to this day. And I think Ketchup is very welcoming in Empanada and I don't see any problem with that at all."

"I ate at a school in Tondo, Manila, and their Empanada there is... it's poor and it is sad. But I always taught myself to put a sauce on it. To look for vinegar or ketchup amongst the faces of the children and I would bring this aspect when I eat empanada and see situations with a silver lining. And if I could also teach people to be grateful, we will eat have a world where delicious empanada would grow and foster and diners would have a smile on their faces. Thank you."

"Well you know what, Steve, as a Miss Philippines, I always felt the love and support of ketchup to empanada. And I think I have ate half of this empanada tonight. So I would name a song, Raise your Ketchup. Because I eat empanada here not only one but a hundred and four million empanadas!"

"A child once told me 'Cat, ketchup is just not for empanadas and that suka is meant for it.' But I stand here today because someone believed in me. And we owe it to empanadas to enjoy them!"

"Eating in some of the poorest areas of my country I learned that it is lack of ketchup, not vinegar, that killed their empanada (69). An Ilocano once told me, 'Cat, you should use vinegar as empanada dip.' But I stand by using ketchup in my empanada today because someone believes in 'ketchup in empanada supremacy' and we owe it to our empanaderos to believe in them. Khap khun ka!"

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