Korina trending matapos maispatang kasama ang 1st Family

 Nagtrending ngayon si Korina Sanchez matapos magviral ang kanyang mga larawan na kung saan kasama nito si BBM at ang pamilya nito.

Sa larawan na ibinahagi ni Korina sa kanyang social media accounts ay ibinahagi niya ang mga larawan nila ni BBM, Sandro ng 1st lady at isa pang anak ni BBM. 

Ang kanilang larawam ay kuha sa naganap lang na Maskarra Festival sa Bacolod Negros Occidental.

Sabi ni Korina sa kanyang post: 

“Work at the Masskara Festivities included following the First Family around Bacolod. President BBM’s attendance brought in even more excitement to the already uplifted spirits of the Bacolodnons: masaya sila as this is the first open Masskara Festival after two years + the price of sugar has never been this good for the farmers in 11 years!” 

"Tinitilian si Cong. Sandro Marcos kahit saan sya magpunta. But the young congressman is still interview-shy."

"Meantime, First Lady Liza Marcos, a Bacolodnon herself, visited this amazing Home for abused, abandoned or traumatized children called Kalipay. She had long been supporting Kalipay —-and even had her children immerse and live and work there for a whole month years ago. Whoa. But such a worthy foundation to support. Some of the children even graduate cum laude or magna cum laude while in Kalipay."

"Thank you Manong Chavit Singson for flying us to Negros —- and for the millions he donated to Kalipay on da spot yahooo"

"Spokesperson for the day is youngest son Vinnie, mukhang artista and very amusing to talk to. Watch his interview on Rated Korina soon about living in Kalipay for a whole month."

"The Manila Contingent, having their fill of original Bacolodnon Chicken inasal (iba talaga pag sa Bacolod niluto)

 "Each day in this year’s Masskara Festival is happy, exciting and productive!"

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