Candy Pangilinan sobrang masaya matapos makapagtapos ang kanyang anak ng Grade 10


Walang mapaglagyan ang tuwa ng actress na si Candy Pangilinan dahil sa kanyang anak na nakapagtapos ng Grade 10.

Sa kanyang post sa instagram, ay ibinahagi niya ang larawan na kuha sa online graduation ceremony ng kanyang anak na si Quentin. 

Kwento ni Quentin, nasira raw ang barong nito sa sa sobra nitong excitement. 

Nagpasalamat din si Candy sa mga teachers, therapists, family members, friends, caregivers, driver, house helpers, at doctor ni Quentin  sa pagtulong para sa special na pangangailangan nito.

“Quentin graduates grade 10! 

“Thank you to all our teachers from Grade 1 to present. Dami po kayo. From teacher Amor to Teacher Frank. Thank you to all therapists from our first OT teacher Tisha, teacher Sean, Teacher Giselle, to Teacher Yani. Too many therapist to mention.  

“To every person who have joined us in our journey, my family mom, tita MM, my siblings Ate Marissa, kuya Boboy, kuya Phey, pamangkins holli, ehrlich and their children. Of course, Camille. To all caregivers, household help, driver. Thank you @quendy corner for your love and care. Thank you. To the Living Word Community Ate Maye, Bro. Art,Dra. Ev, Noligene, etc. especially the youth who tirelessly and patiently included Quentin like Faith, Aba, Cecile, Ciara, Jenny, Joseph, Trazo kids and those I wasn't able to mention you know who you are. To all my supportive ninangs and friends, kilala niyo na sino kayo. Salamat. 

“Of course, to my doctor @fxdmd. Thank you. Ang daming dapat pasalamatan pati mga guards na pinagbigyan kami sa pagwawala ni Quentin. To everyone we have encountered in one way or another. Salamat. And to my spiritual mentor, thank you for the guidance and understanding. To God, OUR Father All Glory to You! Everything by Your Grace and Mercy. 

“Next level na po tayo. The journey continues. Quentin may have taught me more than I have taught him. Thank you Quentin. Congratulations! 

“PS: Sobrang enthusiastic ni Quentin nasira yung barong. Hahaha! Congratulations to all graduates,” sabi ni Candy sa kanyang post sa Instagram 

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