Nikko Chua may madamdaming mensahe sa boyfriend niyang si Chad Kinis sa kanilang Monthsarry


Nag-alay ng madamdaming mensahe si Nikko Chua para sa boyfriend niya na si Chad Kinis para sa kanilang 4th monthsary.

Maalala na noong June 2021 ay ginulat ni Chad ang lahat nang aminin niya na in a relationship siya sa guwapong Chinoy model at Mr. Mossimo 2018 Catwalk Philippines na si Nikko Alano Chua. 

Mensahe ni Nikko para kay Chad: 

"To the love of my life @chadkinis , ♥️

It has been months since we first met. Here in @thefarmatsanbenito is where we had our first vacation. Gladly, I joined you that time— Because from there I saw how pure as a human being you are. I saw how good your heart is and I am easily captivated with that. In just a short period of time that we’ve been together, there are so much trials and hardships that we as a couple and as an individual have faced. Every challenges that we accomplished, there is this one thing that I am able to learn and realize. You are an angel in disguise. ♥️

As much as I helped you, that is how much you’ve helped me too. We are the kind of couple where give and take is a secret ingredient of our relationship. In order to grow, we must face each other’s flaws. We hold onto each other’s arms tightly, afraid of the thought that we might be separated because of a downfall. That’s why we always seize the moment. As long as it is something to live for, we will go for it. As long as you are happy, I am also happy. Your happiness became mine, your achievements became mine also & vice versa. Seems like we are a teammate & I love the idea of being paired with you. ♥️

We became as one but not in everything. We both knew our limitations and priorities. That’s also the one thing I love about us. 🥰 We understand each other very well. We may disappoint each other but we never fail our love and I think that is one of the most pure thing I knew. This letter is just one of the thoughts that I want to express about us. I hope you appreciate it. ♥️

You will always be the recipient of my letters. I love you, babe! ♥️"

Nagpost rin si Chad sa kanyang instagram, ng mensahe para kay Nikko.

Sabi niya: "Happy 4th babe @nikkoalanochua ❤️ Thank you for the flowers and jacket. Despite our busy schedule you never forget to make me happy everyday. I love you so much babe ❤️"

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