Mga netizens nainspinre sa "laking public school" na kwento ni Dimples Romana


Maraming netizens ang nainspinre sa "laking public school na kwento ni Dimples Romana.

Sa kanyang viral post, ibinahagi ni Dimples ang throwback sa kanyang graduation sa High School na kung saan sa public school siya nakapagtapos.

Kwento pa niya naging breadwinner na raw siya noong siya ay 12 pa lamang.

"Yup that’s my HS graduation, I was 16, nagaartista na ako, I was the breadwinner at the age of 12 but it was my choice to still pursue my education while working." 

Proud din ang actress na siya ay "laking public school".

"Proudly laking public school ako. I read once that we have to be careful what we say to our children, it’ll become their inner voice one day and our words will shape their destiny. Tama naman. 

"The way I speak to myself now, all the virtues I uphold and the principles I don’t ever want to be compromised come from words that were spoken to me or a conversation I heard from when I was still a child." 

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