Binasag narin sa wakas ni Neil Salvacion ang rumors na kung saan sinasabing hiwalay na sila ng kanyang longtime girlfriend na si Rabiya Matteo.

Sa kanyang IG Stories, ay kinumpirma narin sa wakas ni Neil na hiwalay na sila ni Rabiya.

“Spreading rumors without even knowing the real story is just too much. 

"We don't deserve all the negativities manifested towards us, esp towards Rab, she worked hard to achieve whatever she has right now, and she deserves it all. It's NEVER okay to degrade a person just to prove a point, I mean, if you have nothing good to say, it's better to keep it within yourself.” 

"The real thing is, we're not together anymore, but we're both okay, moving forward, we talked and we're both happy with our own lives. We both believe that God placed is in this kind of situation for a reason, and that is for the better. It doesn't cost a cent to be kind guys, let's spread kindness and be respectful towards each other, may it be through thoughts, words or deeds. 

"Palangga-anay lang ta nyo bala! Padayon sa kabuhi (Let's just love each other! Go on with life"sabi ni Niel sa kanyang viral post 

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