Ganda! Stunning transformation ni Ms. Everything patok na patok sa mga netizens


Maraming netizens ang napawow sa stunning transformation ng internet star na si Erika Camata o mas kilala bilang Ms. Everything.

Nalaman ng Philippine Tabloid na sa Toledo Medical Companies Inc, nagparetoke ang sikat na internet star.

May mga nakakatuwa namang reaksyon dito ang ilang netizens na tila ginamit kung paano magsalita si Ms. Everything.

"Congratstulion Ms Everything you is blessing with all of your Heart From your Head Shoulder Knees and Toes Head Shoulder Knees and Toes. Your Eyes Ears Mouth and Nose Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. We They Us super Happy For you." 

"Congratulations Ms Everything! Truly, beauty is in the eye of the tiger! More electricity and stay beautiful from the inside and outside of the solar system! As the saying goes........I can't see it, it went."

"I'd like to congratulationize you Ms. Everything for reachining the looks you have never been before.. Stay your feet on grounded floor. We're loving you since 2002 . May God pours more blessings unto you from our father , the son and the holy spirit 🙏" 

"You're confidently beautiful with the heart now miss everything may your functional movements will stay as what the world giving you birth. Shine like a diamond, transfortation and tranformers has been done. Blow job miss everthing💙💙"

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