Anne Curtis ibinahagi ang magagandang larawan nila ni Dahlia sa kanyang mothers day post


Mga nagagandahang larawan nila ni Baby Dahlia ang ibinahagi ni Anne Curtis sa kanyang social media post nitong Mothers Day.

Kasabay ng kanilang larawan ang appreciation post nito sa pagiging ina niya kay Dahlia.

"So thankful I get to be her mummy. It isn’t easy but each smile, kiss, hug, little laugh and loving stare makes it all worth it." 

Binati rin ni Anne ang lahat ng mga ina ng Happy Mothers Day.

"Hands up if you’re that mama who scrolls through ALL the photos saved on your phone, every night, once they fall asleep.. because you miss them already... I totally feel ya!

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you all had the best day!"

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