Sa wakas! Bea Alonzo kinumpirma nang nagde-date sila ni Dominic Roque


Sa wakas ay kinumpirma na ni Bea Alonzo na nagde-date sila ng actor na si Dominic Roque.

Sa isang exclusive interview ni G3 San Diego ng Mega kay Bea ay isiniwalat ni Bea na open na siyang mainlove ulit.

"I decided that I’m not going to be a prisoner of my past. I’m open to falling in love again. I am very careful when it comes to falling so deep again. 

"And trusting anybody, but I would like to say that I am open to being happy whether it’s romantically or in that aspect, romance or work," 

Nang tanungin si Bea kung nagdedate sila ni Dominic. Diretsahang sumagot si Bea ng, "Yes, we are."

Dagdag pa ni Bea:  "But he’s a good guy."

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