Ang Cute! Anak nina Andi at Philmar Alipayo 3month old na


Masayang ibinahagi ni Andi Eigenmann sa kanyang social media ang napakacute na mga larawan ng kanyang anak na si Koa na ngayon ay 3 month old na.

Sa kanyang Instragram, ay nagpost siya ng mahabang mensahe para sa kanyang anak.

"Happy 3rd month to my littlest! I saved this information for this update but yes, he is now not as sleepy as he used to be.😂 with more awake times, Koa sure has been discovering new things about himself and the world. "

"Like smiling and giggling (specially when he sees mine or papa's face). He also found his thumb, and likes putting that in his mouth. Sometimes his whole fist too, as you can see in these its been such a joy watching him grow. I now know how swiftly this stage goes by. I've been happily enjoying every moment of it."

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