Kim gives gifts to hardworking gadget technicians

Panoorin dito ang video na ibinahagi ng ABSCBN Entertainment sa youtube:

Kim Chiu has gracefully transitioned from being a beloved actress to a charismatic host on the Philippine noontime show "It's Showtime." With her infectious energy and natural charm, Chiu has won the hearts of audiences nationwide.


As a host, Kim brings her unique blend of warmth and spontaneity to the stage, effortlessly engaging with both contestants and viewers alike. Her genuine enthusiasm for the show's segments, from games to performances, adds a vibrant spark to the program.

Beyond her entertaining presence, Chiu's hosting style reflects her versatility and adaptability. Whether she's delivering comedic banter with co-hosts or facilitating emotional moments with contestants, Kim demonstrates a remarkable ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Moreover, Chiu's humility and down-to-earth demeanor resonate with audiences, making her relatable and endearing. Her journey from being a contestant herself on reality television to becoming a respected host serves as an inspiration to many aspiring entertainers.

In essence, Kim Chiu's role as a host on "It's Showtime" not only showcases her talents but also highlights her genuine passion for entertaining and connecting with others. With her infectious smile and unwavering dedication, Chiu continues to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers every day.

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