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    Jak Roberto and Celeste Cortese tiktok video goes viral

     Here's the video:

    @celestecortesi A little TikTok break with @Jak Roberto here at the beautiful Roxas City #fyp #foryoupage #celestecortesi #jakroberto ♬ original sound - braydin

    Jak Roberto: The Anti-Silos King

    Jak Roberto is a Filipino actor, singer, and dancer who is known for his positive attitude and his "anti-silos" stance. Selos, which is Filipino for jealousy, is a common problem in relationships, but Jak has shown that it is possible to be supportive of your partner's career without getting jealous of their on-screen partners.

    Jak is currently in a relationship with actress Barbie Forteza, who is often paired with other actors in her teleseryes. However, Jak has always been supportive of Barbie's career, and he has even said that he doesn't get jealous at all when she acts with other people.

    Jak's anti-silos stance has made him a popular figure among fans, and he has even been dubbed the "Anti-Silos King." He has even started teaching anti-silos classes, where he shares his tips on how to be a supportive partner without getting jealous.

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