David got scared after Ramon point the gun on him -Fpj's Batang Quiapo

Heres the video:

When McCoy de Leon took on the part of David in the remake of the timeless classic "FPJ's Batang Quiapo," which was originally portrayed by the legendary Fernando Poe Jr., he created a lasting impression on the world of Philippine cinema. McCoy, on the other hand, stepped into those imposing shoes with charm and elegance.

This contemporary rendition of a story of justice and revenge, which is set in Quiapo, captures the core of the original while giving it a new and current perspective. David, a young guy caught between the lines of justice and crime, was portrayed by McCoy in a compelling way that stayed faithful to the character's origins. 

David was made more relevant to a new generation of viewers by McCoy, who provided depth to the role with a delicate combination of intensity and sensitivity. Audiences were drawn into David's world by his ability to communicate a wide variety of emotions, from rage to compassion, and they couldn't help but support him in his quest for justice.

The portrayal of McCoy de Leon in "FPJ's Batang Quiapo" is evidence of his commitment to acting and reverence for the history of Filipino cinema. In addition to paying respect to a well-known character, he also gave David his own special touch, making him a memorable figure for years to come.

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