Mga netizens na-inspire matapos ibinahagi ni Moira dela Torre ang kanyang wieghtloss journey

Maraming netizens ang na-inspire matapos ibinahagi ni Moira dela Torre sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon ang kanyang wieghtloss journey.

Mga netizens na-inspire matapos ibinahagi ni Moira dela Torre ang kanyang wieghtloss journey

Sa kanyang post sa instagram, ibinahagi ni Moira ang kanyang wieghtloss journey na aniya sa isang taon at isang buwan ay 60 pounds raw ang nabawas sa kanya.

Ang naging resulta ng kanyang pagpayat ay hindi daw dahil sa diet, excercise at surgery. May tumulong raw sa kanya na doctor para i-correct ang kanyang hormones. Sumailalim daw siya sa hormone test para malaman kung anong suplement ang kanyang kailangang inumin.

"1 year and a month apart — from 180lbs to 120lbs — 60lbs lighter and cleared of hashimoto's hypothyroidism, estrogen dominance, and no longer infertile after 2yrs of being declared to be. no exercise, no diet, no surgeries — I only have @thecoreclinic to thank for correcting my hormones (and I've never even met them in person." sabi ni Moira 

"In 2020, I secretly became bulimic for 2 years during a season that left me struggling mentally and physically. but in December 2021, I met doc @drsheree online through ms @iamkarendavila (after an interview I did w her!!), and that's when she started working on my hormones and forever changed my life for the better. she had me take a hormone test, where she found out what really was messing up my system (stress, depression and misdiagnosed PCOS for years). I've been known to be someone whose weight fluctuated a lot — and I'd get conscious, not really because of my physical appearance but moreso because of how I felt internally. I always felt uncomfortable and unable to function at my best. so when we got to the real root of all the misalignment, she knew exactly which supplements to give me, and the rest is history." dagdag pa niya 

"I have been on tour for almost a month now, and usually, I'd get sick easily — but even with weather changes, jetlag, and lack of rest, I think it was the first time I ever felt fully present and completely enjoyed every moment of my season with the people I'm so blessed to be surrounded with. mentally, I've never felt so alive. I felt 100% and felt so happy doing what I love, especially being able to do it well." sey pa ni Moira 

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