Vhong Navarro masaya sa pagkabasura ng motion na inihain ni Cornejo


Masaya umano si Vhong Navarro sa pagkabasura ng motion ni Cornejo na i-cancel ang bail ni Vhong na pansamantalang makalaya sa kulungan.

"Thanks God," sabi ni Vhong sa kanyang abogadong si Mariglen Abraham-Garduque matapos marinig nito ang disesyon ng korte base sa report ng Philstar

“We are very happy with the resolution of the court on the motion,” sabi naman ng abogodo ni Vhong na si Abraham-Garduque 

Nadismiss ang motion for reconstruction ni Cornejo sa Taguig Regional Trial Court (Taguig RTC) Branch 69 nito lamang January 12.

“At the outset, a perusal of the instant motion readily reveals the absence of any conformity from the Office of the City Prosecutor of Taguig City (OCP-Taguig). Time and again, the Supreme Court has emphasized that criminal actions shall be prosecuted under the direction and control of the prosecutor,” ayon sa Taguig RTC 

"Thus, when the public prosecutor does not give his or her conformity to the pleading of a party, the party does not have the required legal personality to pursue the case. In this case, there is no conformity from the public prosecutor. Since the Motion to Reconsider pertains to the presentation of the prosecution’s evidence, it involves the criminal aspect of the case and, thus, cannot be considered without the public prosecutor’s conforme."dagdag pa nito 

"Applying the foregoing rule and jurisprudence, the present motion deserves scant consideration from this court. Wherefore premises considered, the Motion for Reconsideration with Motion to Inhibit is hereby denied for lack of merit,”dagdag pa ng RTC

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