Atty. Topacio hindi na magiging abogado ni Deniece Cornejo sa kasong r@pe na isinampa niyo laban kay Vhong Navarro

Hindi na magiging abogado ni Deniece Cornejo si Atty. Ferdinand Tapacio sa kasong r@pe na isinampa nito laban kay Vhong Navarro.

Sa report ng ABSCBN News reporter na si Nikko Baua, ibinahagi nito ang naging pahayag ni Tapacio sa pagbitiw niya bilang abogado ni Cornejo.

Sabi niya: “I wish to state that I am henceforth dissociating and distancing myself from the prosecution of Mr. Ferdinand "Vhong" Navarro in the r@pe case filed by Ms. Deniece Cornejo against him. 

"I have represented Ms. Cornejo as her counsel of record in the case of serious illegal detention against her filed by Mr. Navarro all these years upon the request of her family, especially Mr. Rod Cornejo, a friend of mine of long standing, until bail was granted to Ms. Cornejo and her co-accused, as affirmed by the Court of Appeals. I have also coordinated with Atty. Karen Jimeno in the filing of r@pe charges against Mr. Navarro. 

"Our group, the Citizens Crime Watch, has also taken the cudgels for Ms. Cornejo after the Court of Appeals ordered the filing of rape charges against Mr. Navarro. I have done all these in the interest of attaining justice for Ms. Cornejo before the courts. There are certain people, however, who are trying to take the case in a direction which I do not wish to pursue as an advocate. 

"With this fundamental difference in managing the case, I cannot in good conscience and ethics continue to be part of the proceedings. 

"We shall, however, continue to assist Ms. Cornejo in the other cases she wishes to bring against those who have caused her damages through scurrilous libel, as she has manifested to me earlier, if she still so wishes. 

"And the Citizens Crime Watch will still continue with its offer to assist the others who may have been victimized by Mr. Navarro, in accordance with our bounden duty to help all victims of crime. 

"We wish Ms. Cornejo all the best in her continued quest to seek and secure justice. May justice prevail this time at long last."

Source: Niko Baua on Twitter


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