Roxanne Barcelo ipinagdiwang ang 1st birthday ng kanyang anak sa isang fastfood chain


Ipinagdiwang ng actress na si Roxanne Barcelo ang 1st birthday ng kanyang anak na si Cinco. 

Sa isang kilalang fastfood chain ipinagdiwang ni Roxanne ang birthday ng kanyang anak. Inilahad din nito na sa isang fastfood chain rin sila unang nagdate ng kanyang asawa.

"Celebrated Cinco’s 1st birthday where Jiggs and I went on our first date, McDonald’s! (brekky pa yun. sausage mcmuffin, hashbrown at cocolate. pak ang aga. 2019)  

"When I first met Jiggs, I had this thought come over me, that he would be the father of my children. Apparently, they are right when they say “you know from the very beginning.”  (siyempre di ko sinabi agad sa kanya noh. hinayaan ko muna siya magsabi na ako ang the one niya. ngyawwww.. saka ko nireveal lel)

"After 3 years, here we are celebrating our son’s big One. Wuhoooo! Love you, Cinco!!! (anak, i lab you. tadtad pisngi mo ng kizzz) 

"I now have my own family in you two. Love you both with all that I am. (yes, madrama akong ina. ganon talaga)

"Best daddy to our little love that I could ever wish, pray, hope for. Happy Father’s Day aking mahal. (pakissssssss dadaaaaaaa)", sabi ni Roxanne sa kanyang post sa Facebook 

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