"Please help me survive" Kris may madamdaming mensahe kay PNOY


Gumawa ng isang madamdaming mensahe ang  TV-host na si Kris Aquino para sa kanyang yumaong kapatid na si dating President Noynoy Aquino.

Sabi ni Kris : "dear Noy, sorry that our greeting for your 1st birthday in heaven is coming 5 days late. Not necessary to explain to you because you now see everything..."

 "...Then I said seriously, Noy, help me please - these 2 only have me... please help me survive this, PLEASE?" 

"...I want the privacy you had but unlike you who was never active on social media, I need to say goodbye properly because so many have reached out to me, prayed for me & my sons and regardless of their political affiliation they have prayed for me to get better..." 


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  1. Mam Kris you will surely healed in God's perfect time . Have a strong faith in God .Pray hard without ceasing. I do praying for you too...To God be all the glory..

  2. Just pray above he knows everything.

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