Trina Candaza lumipat na sa kanyang 'new home' kasama ang kanyang baby; Carlo Aquino hindi sinama?


Usap-usapan ngayon sa social media ang paglipat ngayon bagong bahay ni Trina Candaza kasama ang kanyang baby.

Ngunit sa ibinahaging video ni Trina ay kapansin-pansin na wala si Carlo.

Marami tuloy mga netizens ang napatanong kung bakit wala si Carlo at kung totoo nga bang hiwalay na sila.

Samantala, maraming namang netizens humanga sa katatagan ni Trina.

Ayon sa ilang netizens: 

"Hi Trina! 1st and foremost, kudos to your courage & strength I also wanted to mention, if you haven't already done so, try to get a check up and ask them to check your thyroid. I had a friend who also lost weight dramatically with no changes to her diet or activities and her thyroid turned out to be the cause. Sending hugs to you & Mithi! Strong girls" 

"Whatever it is you may go through, Always remember you can tell it to the Lord. Keep safe, stay strong and move forward. Ive subscribe to your channel. God bless you and Mithi." 

"Hats off to you for having the courage to walk away. Sana wag mo na balikan. I am more more than twice your age pero mas matapang ka sa akin. Men like my husband and your ex will never change. They can cry & beg for forgiveness but will still cheat whenever they get the chance. I wish you well and prayers for you and your little one" 

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