Talagang di makapagpigil si Kaladkaren at sinupalpal niya ang kanyang basher na nagtatanong kung meron na ba raw siyang P*k*.

“Why are we so engrossed in asking people what’s between their legs? Can’t we stop asking if they have a p*nis or v*g*na or jellyfish?" iritableng sagot naman ni Kaladkaren.

“Because, number one, it’s impolite. Number two, girl, it’s none of your business!" dagdag niya 

“Why don’t we focus on their talents, on their abilities, on their achievements, not their genitals. And for me, it doesn’t matter what’s between your legs. What matters most is (the heart and the brain)," hirit pa ng TV host.

Panoorin dito:

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