Albie Casino pinagtawanan ang pagtaba ng ex-girlfriend niyang si Andi Eigenmann

Super happy raw ang aktor na si Albie Casino matapos niyang malaman ang pagdagdag ng timbang ng kanyang ex-girlfriend na si Andi Eigenmann.

Nito lamang Martes, ay marami ang pinakawalang maanghang na mga salita si Albie laban sa kay Andi nang makapayam siya sa Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10 Kumulitan livestream.

Nag-ugat ang sama ng loob niya kay Andi sa hindi nito pagsorry sa kanya makaraang ipilit ng aktres na siya ang ama ng panganay nito na si Ellie. Sa isinagawang DNA test, lumabas na si Jake Ejercito ang ama ng bata.

 Sabi ni Albie: “I think it’s been long enough. It’s okay for me to talk about it. I guess she moved on. So I can finally talk about it now. I don’t mind and I guess I’ll be no holds barred if they ask because I’m kind of tired of covering up for her, you know what I mean?

"I’m not going to hold my tongue so you can look good anymore. My friends just saw her in Siargao and they said she’s super fat so that makes me super happy. I don’t know if that’s bad of me. But it brings me great joy to know she gained a lot of weight now.

"Yeah, I don’t care. That’s the truth. Di tayo nagpaplastikan dito. That’s the way we do it, man. Hindi tayo nakikipagplastikan dito. That’s the last thing we’re going to do. 

"It’s funny because after I get out, I want to go to Siargao after, but if she’s there, it ain’t a thing. I don’t mind. I’m probably going to hit up the beach. I’m definitely going to hit up the beach when I get out. I’m probably going to get like four tattoos when I get out too.

“Wala e, e di dead madela, deadma. Like I got nothing to say to you, you know? And my parents are always telling me, if you got nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. 

"So even if I was next to her in a 24-hour flight, I won’t say a word. Because I got nothing good to say to her. So I’d rather not talk to her. If she tries to talk, I’m just going to look at her like she has poop on her shirt. That’s all I’m going to do. Because I don’t know, man, I was open to giving her a chance to apologize but she never did apologize."

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