Ping Medina nanawagan ngayon ng pinansyal na tulong; kahit piso tatanggapin ng actor


Nanawagan ngayon ng tulong pinansyal ang actor na si Ping Medina dahil sa hirap na dinanas niya ngayon sa buhay.

"MY WEIRD BIRTHDAY POST. Friends, I need a huge favor." panimula ni Ping sa kanyang post 

Ayon kay Ping sinubukan raw niyang mag-online sabong agent peru nagkaroon ng problema sa kanyang 'master agent' at 'player'.

"See, I tried being a sabong agent last month. My master agent asked me for money to keep our account going. I also had a player who would spend 10k a day so when she asked for an advance I thought she was good for it. They both haven't paid me. Exact amount is 36k. That's my business' rent money and 2 months amortized rent for my condo this coming Aug 1. I don't know when they will pay." kwento ng actor 

Inamin rin ng actor na naapektuhan ang kanyang negosyo dahil sa ECQ.

"I've been doing okay since the pandemic but I ran into a bad streak this year. The second ECQ killed physical store sales at Bulilith Smoked Sausages. Customer traffic is starting to normalize but there were 3 months of people not wanting to go out. I needed another source of income. Unfortunately, sabong found me. I never gambled before in my life so I didn't know the effect it has on people. Sadly, I've come to witness that it is truly an addiction preying on weak minds." 

Ayon pa sa actor ayaw raw niyang manghiram ng pera.

"Thing is, I don't want to borrow money. I'd rather lose everything then move to Sagada to plant crops. I'm totally ready to fulfill my life-long dream of being a meditating forest hermit. Lol. But if I'm gonna do that I want to be sure I've exhausted all possible means to keep up this lifestyle. I can let go of all this. Lifestyle is not important. Life is." 

Sa huli niyang post, ay nanawagan na ng tulong ang actor, kahit piso raw ay buong puso niyang tatanggapin.

"So now, I'm publicly begging for birthday donations. For me. Doesn't matter if it's 1 or 1000 pesos. Please know that you extending a helping hand is the most important gesture here. Today, I am relying on your kindness. 🙏💜

"PS. If we're both in need, you can greet me in the comments instead! I was planning to do a community pantry from my sabong earnings but alas. Lol. If ever there are excess donations I would gladly use it for that!"

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