Sobrang dami! Dimples Romana masayang ibinahagi ang naharvest nilang mga mangga mula sa kanilang farm


Masayang ibinahagi ng kapamilya star na si Dimples Romana ang napakaraming naharvest nilang mga mangga mula sa kanilang Calaca Farm.

Sabi ni Dimples sa kanyang social media post:

"🥭 mango harvest 🥭 beginning my Tuesday with a grateful heart 💜 parte ito ng Ani namin from our Calaca farm!"

"Been so busy the past weeks with TVC shoots, transferring homes, setting up our businesses that we weren’t even able to come para sa pagpitas. "

"Buti na lang one of my best friends way back in UST who also happens to be from Calaca, @happygabby26 and her hubby (my fave ☺️) Papa @wilsonmaullon led the harvest and was their to make sure everything went well, love you guys!!!"

 At Eto na nga. 🥭 I’m super emotional everytime we see the fruits of our labor (literally and figuratively haha) @boyetahmee and I work super hard."

" And it’s in the little things like these that make us proud to be working as hard every day 💋 #DimpsTips2021 work hard, work as a team with your family. Kapag magtulong tulong ang pamilya, mas mapapabilis ang pagabot ng mga pangarap natin 😍☺️"

Tingnan dito:(swipe left to see all photos)

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