Pumanaw na ang kapatid na doktor ni Veteran Actress Bibeth Orteza na si Dr. Ephraim Neal C. Orteza  noong April 8, sa Asian Hospital  Muntinlupa dahil sa COVID-19.l

Si Dr Orteza 64 taong gulang ay isang medical director at pediatrician sa ospital ng Paranaque.

Agad na nagtungo sa social media ang kanyang kapatid na celebrity para ibahagi ang isang malungkot na balita.

Post ng Aktress:

Bimboy was my best friend and best enemy when we were growing up. The more studious one who knew he wanted to be a doctor since Grade One, he earned regular praise for good grades from our Mama, until the day he put the frozen cat he was dissecting inside our refrigerator freezer.
He married Imelda Olivarez in NYC, but his church wedding he had here. He asked my mother-in-law to be one of his ninangs. And as you know, Armida didn't go to our wedding.

Before the reception ended, he whispered to me, "Talo kita. Si Tita Armida nasa wedding album ko. Sa iyo, wala! Hahahahaha!"

Among one of the last BS Pre-Med graduates of UP, he was an activist early on, who left BS Circle shortly before graduation. I asked why, and he said, "Nahihiya ako to be there. Wala sa personality ko ang maging out in front."
He said this, not knowing that he would be one. A frontliner, to the very end.
Manang Bibeth is so very, very proud.

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