Video clip of Anji Salvacion and Kice in hits series Linlang goes viral

 Here's the video:

ANONG SHOW ITO? Kaiyak 😭 eme (whistle)

Posted by Chichiryuuuh TV on Thursday, 26 October 2023 

Linlang is a Philippine thriller drama series that explores the complex themes of love, betrayal, and family. The series stars Kim Chiu, Paulo Avelino, and JM de Guzman, and follows the story of Juliana (Kim Chiu), a woman who is caught in a web of lies, secrets, and betrayal. 


Juliana is married to Victor (Paulo Avelino), a former boxer turned seaman. Victor is a loving husband and father, but he is often away from home due to his work. Juliana is lonely and frustrated with her life, and she finds herself drawn to Alexander (JM de Guzman), a charming and successful lawyer. Alexander is also married, but he is unhappy in his marriage. Juliana and Alexander begin an affair, and they soon find themselves falling in love.

However, their affair is not without its consequences. Juliana's secret is soon discovered by her husband and family, and her life is turned upside down. Juliana is forced to make difficult choices, and she must face the consequences of her actions.

Linlang is a well-made and suspenseful series that features excellent performances from the cast. Kim Chiu, Paulo Avelino, and JM de Guzman deliver nuanced and believable performances that bring the characters to life. The series is also well-written and directed, and it keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

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