Beach Scene of Lovi Poe and Christopher de Leon in "Batang Quiapo"

 Here's the video:

In the world of Philippine television, few moments have left as lasting an impression as the steamy beach scene featuring Lovi Poe as "Mokang" and Christopher de Leon as "Ramon" in the series FPJ's 'Batang Quiapo'. This unforgettable scene not only showcased the undeniable chemistry between these two seasoned actors but also captured the essence of desire and romance amidst the sun and sand.

Lovi Poe's portrayal of Mokang is a revelation, blending sensuality with vulnerability, while Christopher de Leon as Ramon exudes charisma and longing. Their on-screen connection is palpable, drawing viewers into the depth of their characters' emotions.

What elevates this scene is not just the exceptional performances but also the cinematography and direction that expertly framed the beauty of the beach setting. The golden sands and azure waters become witnesses to the passionate exchange between Mokang and Ramon, making it an unforgettable television moment.

In just a few minutes, Lovi Poe and Christopher de Leon transported viewers into a world of intense desire and heartfelt emotion. This beach scene stands as a testament to the power of television to convey deep emotions and will be remembered as a highlight of 'Batang Quiapo'.


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  1. in what beach resort was this scene taken?

  2. id like to know in what beach resort this scene was taken PLease

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