Sharon Cuneta handa na umanong tumanggap ng offer mula sa ibang network

Handa na umano si Sharon Cuneta na tumanggap ng mga offer mula sa ibang network.

Sharon Cuneta handa na umanong tumanggap ng offer mula sa ibang network 

Si Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan ay isang kilalang actress, singer, television host, at socialite. Isa siya sa pinaka-succesful at highest-earning individuals sa Philippine entertainment industry.

Kilala rin si Sharon sa tawag na "Megastar". Si Sharon ay may mga 60 films, nakapag-host ng 10 television shows, at recorded over 40 albums. Marami naring natanggap na awards si Sharon. 

Sa kanyang post sa instagram, inilahad ni Sharon na handa na umano siya na tumanggap ng offer mula sa ibang network.

Ngunit sa kabila nito ay ipinahayag niya ang kanyang pagtanaw ng utang na loob at pagmamahal sa ABS-CBN. 

 Narito ang buong post ni Sharon:

"I have been and will always be a Kapamilya. I have been with ABS-CBN since 1988, when they were just rebuilding their station from the ground up after years of closure by the then-Philippine government. I did three shows with them which carried my name - The Sharon Cuneta Show for eleven years, SHARON for 6 years, and the third, also called SHARON, for another 6 or so years. Then I did Starpower, The Biggest Loser, was a coach on The Voice Kids and The Voice Teens, and a judge in Your Face Sounds Familiar. And of course, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, which I owe largely to my “son” @cocomartin_ph , who handpicked me for the role of Aurora Guillermo. 

"For the first time in all these decades, I don’t have a long-term contract with my station. I know it is a number of things that have caused this. We lost our franchise, the station has way too many stars now and we of the “old guard” have to give way. So while I will always be there when they need me and will always be grateful, I guess it is understandable that I for now consider myself a free agent. 

"It’s time I opened myself up to other stations that may need my services, while always keeping my Kapamilya “duties,” if and when they come. One goes only where one is needed. (And no, wala pa akong nakakausap na kahit sino mula sa kahit anong istasyon, for the record lang po.) I love you, ABS-CBN. My memory and loyalty are unquestionable. But a girl’s gotta work where she can and where she’s wanted. See you again hopefully soon, whenever you may need me! 

 "P.S. Coco anak, ikaw ang may malasakit sakin at lagi akong iniisip. Abot-langit ang pasasalamat ko sayo at habang buhay kita mamahalin! #coryvidanes #carlokatigbak #marklopez @direklauren @michellearville @ernielopez_ph @deo_endrinal @malousantos03 @direk.olivialamasan"

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