Dimples Romana proud na ibinahagi na magkakaroon na siya ng baby no.3


Masaya at proud na ibinahagi ni Dimples Romana na magkakaroon roon na siya ng pangatlong baby sa edad na 37.

Sa kanyang post sa Instagram, ibinahagi ng actress ang kanyang baby bump.

Sabi niya sa kanyang post sa Instagram: "And then there were 5.

"Just when we thought life couldn’t get any sweeter , here comes our newest BLESSING baby E.

"My heart has never been this FULL

"I am now officially a MOM of 3 unique children born from 3 different decades 

"God truly knows how to answer even the most silent prayers of our hearts.

"How amazing is it to experience motherhood, raising a DAUGHTER in college, a son, 7 year old kid and in a few months a NEW BORN 

"I’m excited to take on the CHALLENGE.

"As we like to say with my vitamin family brand @fortima, #FortimaChallengeAccepted 

Thank you so much for sharing our joy!! 

#ABCDEfunventures now officially ON!"

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