Diego Loyzaga masayang ibinahagi ang pagkikita nila ng kanyang ama matapos ang 7 years


Masayang ibinahagi ng actor na si Diego Loyzaga ang muling pagkikita nila ng kanyang ama na si Cesar Montano matapos ang 7 years.

Sa kanyang post sa instagram, ibinahagi ni Diego ang larawan nila ni Cesar na kung saan sila ay nagpapawis sa larong basketball.

"7 years is a long time for a son not to see his father. After seven years, after mistakes, God made a way to bring us together again. I apologise for the impulsiveness of my youth. If we could take back the words and the distance and the time wasted, i would."sabi ji Diego 

"One thing we can do is make up for it. It was so good to see you and play ball with you today. "dagdag pa niya

"Value your family and loved ones today for tomorrow is not promised. As I mature, the more I wish saying sorry was enough to fix all of the worlds problems. Just peace and love and nothing else matters " sey pa ng actor 

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