Hinangaan ng maraming netizens ang "Ngiti" singer na si Ronnie Liang matapos itong maispatang naka-assign sa Jolo, Sulo.

Sa kanyang post online, ibinahagi niya ang kanyang pakipagkapwa-tao sa ilang residente sa nasabing lugar.

Sabi ni Ronnie sa kanyang post: 

"To serve and to answer the Call of Duty no matter what it may cost, for our families, for our Children’s future, and for our Country. 

"Some of the things that I have realized, as a Reservist, with regard to the deeper meaning of service is that “Service is putting the interest of others first before your own without expecting anything in return.”

"I became a Reservist on November 2019 and I have stated those words about service and Call of Duty.

"I have seen the sacrifices of our soldiers, their discipline, and their love for our country. Our Soldiers are willing to risk their lives, take the bullets, and sacrifice themselves in the name of peace, development, and liberty."

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