Netizens nagreact matapos hindi isama ni Catriona ang Philippines sa kanyang top costume choices


Maraming netizens ang nagreact sa post ni Catriona Gray kung saan ibinahagi nito ang kanyang top 6 choises para sa national costume.

"Indonesia, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam were my Top 6 
 National Costumes 😍 Who were yours? 👇👇👇" sabi ni Catriona sa kanyang twitter post 

Matapos nito ay ipinaliwanag din ni Catriona kung bakit yun ang napili niyang top 6 at hindi kabilang dito ang Philippines.

"My best in National Costume picks are my favorite National Costumes, not based on the candidates performance. I love the celebration of culture and a country's expression of identity which is why its one of my favorite segments!"paliwanag ni Catriona 

Narito ang reaksyon ng mga netizens:

"Miss Catriona is not bias, its true that Miss Phillippines is not for Best National Costume, but I still lover her costumes tho…" 

"Not picking Rabiya’s NatCos as one of the bests doesn’t mean you’re not supporting her." 

"Just like you I felt offended as a Filipino and a fan. But that’s totally her opinion, respect that." 

"Seems that some pple dont even understand the term of “opinion”"

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