Nagluluksa ngayon ang actress na si Jean Garcia matapos pumanaw ang kanyang ina.

Nito lamang April 3, ibinahagi ni Jean Garcia sa kanyang Instagram na pumanaw ang kanyang 70-year old na ina dahil sa COVID-19.

Sa interview ng ABSCBN News, ibinunyag nitong naospital ang kanyang ina matapos raw itong mastroke at nagpositibo sa COVID-19. Sa Cardinal Santos Medical Center sa San Juan binawian ng buhay ang ina ng actress.

Nagbigay rin si Jean ng tribute para sa kanyang ina.

“In my garden of flowers the most beautiful one was picked by God and taken away. But I will continue watering the garden so it could bear more beautiful flowers like you. 

“The past days had been rough. I’ve been tirelessly uttering my prayer petition that your healing would be the best gift that God would ever grant our family. Even bargained and promised to give more time and do my best to take care of you, in exchange of the healing and miracle I am asking and hoping for. But, yes, GOD has other plans for us. Exactly on your 7th day at the hospital, I lost an amazing mom whom I love so dearly. 

“Honestly, I didn’t think it would be this soon. Sorrowful thoughts continuously crossed my mind so many times that I have lost count, so many ‘wonder’ lists that I still ask God. I wonder what life would be like if you were still here? I wonder who I would be if you were still here? I wonder what we would all be like. Yes, I keep on wondering about the different ways things would have turned out...with you STILL in our lives. But, whenever I try to accomplish the thoughts, I am being reminded that, ‘God’s timing is unquestionable and in Him, you should always seek refuge, for He will never abandon you.’ 

“I am forever grateful to God for giving you to us, and while we were still in the midst of battling through life’s ups and downs together...He suddenly called you back home. Mommy, know that you are missed. Your absence is felt every day. A part of me is still lost and I am wondering if I will ever get it back. Maybe that piece is in heaven with you and someday you can put it back in me, so I will be whole again. It will never get easier losing you while 

“In life, we loved you dearly. In death, we love you still”here are so many things reminding me of you and your love, but in your honor I will live a life that would have made you proud of me if you were still here. 

“You may not be physically here anymore, but your love and light will live on forever. Your memory will forever give me strength. So fly high now my dearest Mommy and do not ever forget that I will carry you here in my heart wherever I go...forever. 

“In life, we loved you dearly. In death, we love you still”

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