Di mapigilang magreact ng mga netizens sa naging tweet ni Frankie Pangilinan tungkol sa magiging kandito ng election sa 22 pagkatapos manalo ni Berdin sa US Elections.

Ayon kay Frankie:

“we need a good candidate in 2022 🙁 someone we can all root for to win instead of just settling for since we want others to lose”

Sa isa pa niyang tweet:

we all know who we want just look at naga

Ayon sa mga netizens na nagreact sa tweet ni Frankie:

"Agree! Yan ang problem ko dito sa atin… parang lesser evil ang choice… we want someone who shares our values!!!”

 “We need a leader that can unite us and not divide us even further. A leader that can see the sufferings of others and doing something about it. A leader that has clear vision of what will be for the people. Maybe its to early to tell but i am hoping that leader will come.”

“yes please? we rally behind ONE GOOD CANDIDATE.”

 “We need someone who experienced poverty. Who do you think is capable? Pls reply, I can’t decide.”

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