Sa kanyang latest vlog, inamin ni Donnalyn Bartolome na natapos na ang kanyang romantic relationship na tinatago niya sa publiko.

Matapos silang maghiwalay, isinaulinng kanyang Ex-BF ang lahat nang mga gamit na kanyang binigay sa mismong araw pa ng mga patay.

Ayon kay Donnalyn:

It’s my first time being open about my broken heart by unboxing things my ex returned to me on the day of the dead.. a day for my now seems lifeless heart.

 “to D’ex, though I hope you wait another 6 months before replacing me haha, I still wish you find the right one who can give you everything I can’t. I’m sorry what I could give wasn’t enough. "

“I’m sorry for not being enough or not being the right one for you. I tried even if it meant I would lose myself.. because the happiness you brought into my life was such a blessing.. I prayed about you everynight, thanking Him for bringing you into my life."

"Your existence and your love was what helped me keep going when I wanted to give up. That’s why I love you enough to let you go.. I’m sorry for everything and I want you to know I’ve always forgiven you before you said every sorry in our almost 6 years of knowing each other. Always. I now accept that the kind of love I give isn’t right for you.. for us. It might not be the right kind but it’s true."

 “I didn’t know peace would cost this much.. and I don’t know when I’ll breathe again or when I’ll stop missing you.. or think of you.. all I know is I don’t want to ever see us hurt each other again and though I’m terrified I’ll regret leaving, if it means you’ll find The One I was trying to be for years, then I’ll be bitter and angry hahaha jk. I know I’ll be okay because my love for you is true and true love is when you want the one you love to be happy even if it means it’s not with you,” 

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