Proud na ibinahagi ng dating PBB housemate na si Aura Azarcon na siya ay isang ng ganap na doktor ngayon.

Sa kanyang instagram, proud ang dating PBB housemate sa kanyang achievement.

Ayon sa kangyang post:

”Sapat ka. Kahit ano pa yan, sapat ka. At ngayon, pwede nang humingi sa universe ng bagong mataas na pangarap!

Kung kaya nila, kaya ko rin. At kung kaya ko, kaya niyo rin dapat.

My heart is full, and I can go on and on. But I also know no madamdaming caption will ever be enough.

Thank you very much to all of you! Promise universe, one day I'll be able to give it all back. Para sa inyo to”

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Now on my #Pedia rotation! You all know Peds was my first love, so I'm super excited to spend the next month here. Tonight was my first night on call and I just figured out how to do an admission on the computer. Yayayay!! Thanks to my co-residents, nurses and attendings who have been spoonfeeding me basically 🤣 Gotta admit, I love being able to click on orders from a given list instead of writing them down from memory on paper charts. (Wow at my fellow doctors back home, ang galing nyo?!) I'm still familiarizing myself with US brand names and reviewing doses and indications. So so so much more to learn. ❤❤❤ #familymedicine #FMrevolution #USMLE #nonUSImg #internationalmedicalgraduate #PinoyMD #medstudentsph #residency #PGY1

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