Di mapigilang supalpalin ng aktress na si Angel Locsin ang isang netizen na nagreact sa kanyang open letter.

Sa aming nakaraang article, gumagawa ng isang open letter ang aktress bilang isang Tax Payer.

Read it here: Open Letter ni Angel Locson matapos mashutdown ang ABSCBN TV Plus viral na sa social media

Narito ang sagutan nina Angel Locsin at ng isang Netizen:

Hi informed folk,
Yes. If this is such an important bill, it should be prioritized then. Instead of focusing on shutting down abs & cutting the life support of the people relying on it, giving support to the economic needs of the people should be prioritize. Ironic, isn’t it?❤️

Fyi, informed folk, ARISE bill was approved last June on it’s 3rd reading, so the problem is not our call for ABS-CBN franchise. Maybe  you’re not so informed after all?

The irony here is that you’re  pushing for ARISE for those who are suffering economically, but you’re against defending jobs of ABS-CBN workers. How contradicting! This is my last reply since you obviously do not know what you’re saying. Take care @Ciama28 :)

Photo Courtesy: Angel Locsin on Twitter

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