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Matapos magviral ang video na beteranang aktress na si Pinky Amador, ay nagsalita na ito ukol sa nangyari.

Ayon sa aktress, kaya umano siya galit sa viral video dahil natatakot umano siya sa health risk niya ang kanyang mga kapitbahay.

Humihingi naman siya ng tawad sa mga nasaktan sa nangyari at ayon sa kanyang ginawa lamang niya ang kanyang karapatan.

Narito ang ilan sa nga statement ni Pinky:

“I have uttered harsh words and become very emotional in a video that has been circulating. There is no excuse for that behavior.

“Please understand however, that my emotion was the product of countless minutes of worrying for my safety and that of my neighbors, following up with building administration, and talking to my very emotional neighbors and friends.

“I live in a Condo-Tel, that is a building that has units allotted for residents, and units allotted for hotel guests for a fee. On 04 May 2020, our Condo-tel accepted 59 returning Filipinos without informing us of their being designated as a quarantine facility. Of note is the fact that these returning Filipinos neither had the proper documentation with them upon entry, nor any indication that they were tested, or when their test results were arriving. The residents wouldn’t have known of their arrival, if not for the witnesses who had seen them enter the premises of our Condo-tel.

“The residents were not notified about the designation, not the influx of these returning Filipinos, and that was a cause for alarm not just for me but for all the residents.

“As of 04 May 2020, the administration did not send any notice about the incident, issue any safety Covid19 related protocols, and delayed disseminating any such information to residents, thus risking everyone’s safety in the building.

“I myself encountered two (2) new guests in our elevator. I knew they were guests since they had suitcases with them and were on the way to the 20th floor. However, I did not know
1. who they were,
2. whether they were current long staying guests which were allowed under the IATF issued rules, or
3. whether they were new guests which was not allowed under the IATF issued rules, except if they were Filipinos returning from abroad.

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