Viral ngayon sa social media ang ang larawan ni Kathryn Bernardo.

Ibinahagi ng kapamilya aktress ang kanyang work out photos.

Kitang-kita sa kanyang mga larawan ang bunga ng kanyang work-out na ABS.

Nagbigay din ang aktress ng kanyang mga work-out routine.

Ayon sa post ni Kathryn:

Ever since the lockdown began, I swore to myself that I will work out at least 3x a week to keep my body healthy (and to offset all those junk I eat) especially at a time like this. Thanks to online and zoom workout classes, I actually ended up working out almost every day! You just need to find out the right fitness routine for you, and i swear, you’ll enjoy the process along the way.

Tip: Start with 15mins per day first and adjust it from there based on what your body can handle! There are lots of free ab/full-body workout routines that you can check on YouTube for reference. 💪🏻

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