Tatlong oras nakatayo sa United Nations HQ ang anak ng beteranong aktor na si Edu Manzano para magprotesta laban sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas.

Makikita s Facebook post na ibinahagi ni Enzo Manzano ang kanyang pagkadismaya sa kasalukoyang namumuno ngayon sa, Pilipinas.

Ayon kay Enzo:

Today, I chose to stand outside the United Nations HQ for 3 hours (I have a recorded live video, on my timeline, showing the second half). It took me three days to decide I was actually going to do this. How did I arrive at this decision?

I realized lengthy Facebook posts don’t do the trick... ALSO

It only makes me more angry whenever news of our government comes out in the Philippines. The feeling of being useless doesn’t help either - whether it’s because I’m in New York or the government keeps coming up with ways to silence us back home.

I was never the type to protest but at this point with all that the Philippine government is doing, it’s either you’re fighting to keep your country alive or not.

Sucks to hear that my fellow Filipinos can’t protest back home.. I hope my lone protest can make up for that. At least a little bit!

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