0 Di mapigilang sagutin ng aktress na si Lj Reyes ang isang basher matapos insultuhin ang ilong ng anak nila ni Paolo Contis.

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THIS IS JUST TOO CUTE NOT TO SHARE!!! So tonight, pinilit nya that she wears my pajama top! She insisted not to take it off! She even danced for my mom on video call while wearing it! May time pa na napa-upo sya sa mat kasi naapakan nya yung dulo! But she was soooo happy! Until she said “meme” and I knew it was time for bed! I asked her, “let’s take this off?”. And with full conviction, she said “Nyo Nyo!” Fully pouted lips pa!!! Couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to take a snap! So got my phone and took this selfie! I reviewed the photo and she said like a roaring lion “WEOWWWWW!!” (deep voice, super amazed tone!!!) hayyyy!!! Napakacute mo anak!!! One of these days we really need to record how you say your words! But this night will definitely be one for the books, in my mind and in my heart!❤️❤️❤️ . . Wasn’t able to post an entry yesterday for my #gratefulmondays, but I hope you don’t mind I use this! I think it still counts! Pang matagalang good vibes to!!! Share some cute bedtime stories too!!!
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 Netizen: "Bakit sobrang pango ng ilong ng baby mo? Hindi nagmana sa gwapong daddy."

 LJ: "Importante po ba 'yung tangos ng ilong o 'yung ganda ng ugali?"
Photo Courtesy: Screenshot from The Scoop on Facebook 

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