Dahil sa gutom, kumakain na lamang ang mga nastranded ng mga construction worker sa UP Coumpoud ng mga prutas na kanilang makikita sa mga puno, kumukuha din kung ano-anong makikita nila sa kanal at ang masaklap ay kumain nalang sila ng mga pusang gala at pati narin daga.

Tinatayang umabot sa 428 ang nastranded sa nasabing compound na hindi na nakakuha ng suporta galing sa kanilang employers.

Basahin ang boung post ni Alfred Alan Jose sa facebook group ng Quezon City Covid-19 Food and Goods Donation:

In UP Diliman, 428 stranded Construction workers but 311 have not gotten support from their employers. 14 Construction sites total in UPD. Workers have resorted to eating fruit from fruit bearing trees, catching whatever they can from canals, and eating stray cats and rats.

UP admin already communicated with the private contractors to take care of the workers but the contractors have failed to do their part. 

As much as UP wants to give the workers their needs, UP is also responsible for the stranded students and employees. So the faculty pooled their resources just to be able to give something to the workers.
The barangay was not able to give assistance because the workers are not residents of QC..

Currently, one donor has pledged 1 pandesal per person per day for these guys as he committed to deliver 400 pandesals daily. 

Today, we delivered 4 cavans of rice which was divided between 14 sites for immediate relief, but this is not enough for the number of stranded workers..

Plan is to buy sacks of rice, chicken and veg so they can cook their own meals for the duration of the lockdown. If you would like to help them, pls let us know.
If you'd like to help
Katrin Maria Escay - 09178316922

Posted by: Alfred Allan Jose on Facebook

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