Inilahad ng isang netizen ang kanyang opinion tungkol sa nangyari nina Gerald Anderson, Bea Alonzo at Julia Barreto. Ayon sa kanya isa lang daw itong gimik ng ABSCBN para mawala ang attention ng malacanang dahil malapit ng maexpire ang license nito.

Basahin ang kabuohang sinulat ng netizen:

"So, I just got word from a reliable source that some ABS-CBN stars and their handlers had dinner in Malacañan several weeks ago, before this blew up. This seals the deal for me: We’re being taken for a ride with the Julia-Gerald-Bea thing.

Other proofs:
1. The scandal began with Julia showing up with Gerald at a very well attended party (Rayver’s). That’s an announcement, not a secret affair.

2. The responses were timed and well-written (e.g. the use of “ghosting” as a concept, now, when it’s the ‘in’ thing). Every like, every share, were monitored and reported on.

Joshua eating alone so KathNiel came to the rescue? Dude. I eat alone all the time. Celebrities eat alone all the time. Obviously, there’s some conflation going on.

3. When you think about each of their sides, there’s minimal damage and maximum mileage for their careers as celebrities. In short, it’s good PR.

4. ABS-CBN was showing signs of veering away from the Duterte narrative. Their license was expiring and remember the Jimmy Bondoc episode? In line with the administration’s re-coupling with media, ABS-CBN had to do its part and divert our attentions.

I am deleting all my jokes and posts that fuel the sheep farm. I feel ridiculous and I am sorry for taking part in the sheepery. I suggest we all do the same and focus on what’s really happening: San Roque demolitions, the absence of an uproar over Duterte’s SONA, the rapists among us, writers, and the selling of two of our islands to China.

Media should never be anyone’s lapdog! We stand!"

Source: FB Dino Pineda

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