Naglabas na ng saloobin ang Lola ni Julia Barretto tungkol sa kumakalat na isyu habang tikom ang bibig ni Julia sa nasabing isyu.

Kalat na kalat ngayon sa internet na nagiwan ng mensahe si Inday Barreto sa mga netizen na nangbash kay Julia.

Sa kabilang panig, naglabas din siya ng tunay na saloobin tungkol kay Bea.

Ayun kay Inday hindi siya galit kay Bea:

“mariodumaual- sentiment ko lang Indi si Bea ang kinagalitan ko dito - I Love the Girl and Lovebable siya Ive seen Bea Grow up well- the latest meet was last march of this year when she came to the Wake of my elder sister I had a chance for a talk and found out “How what a Really beautiful person she is - in and out - As a mother I too Feel sad for her I also am happy for the Ones who are there for her It is just si unfair tho.
“Cruel infact to attack Julia with accusation bordering on innuendos , calling her Names and innuendos of séxual affair That is too much and too painful to just sit and watch a grandchild of mine being clubbered with character assasination This my msg ti you is for your consumption only - not for publication- for your Understanding too and reminding Hahaha uou to remember who I Really Am As A mother God be with you Mario.”
"The members of my Family thanks to God Are: Beautiful, Well bred, Well Groomed, Intelligent and articulate. Also- friendly and amiable which draw people to them( to mention a few) Do You Honestly Think , they Even Have To FLIRT Pa with What Humans Seek/ What- nagbubuhat ako ng BANKO? BUT OF COURSE!!! TINATAPAKTAPAKAN Nalang kung simong sinong Mga Demonyo?

I Am NOT ABOUT TO APOLOGIZE FOR WHATEVER BLESSING AND TALENT GOD ATTRIBUTED TO MY FAMILY( IN INGRATITUDE DESIGN TO MAKE THE ENVIOUS LOSERS HAPPY) As For Others-look To Uourselves, Everyone has their Own Beauty - if UOU Can’t Find The Value Of What You Have thus Feel Insecure - I Suggest Maghanap kayo Ng PANGIT Or Better Still - ITALI NIYO BLINFOLD THE EYES.

Source: Instagram mariodumaual

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