Nagcomment ang actress na si Kris Aquino sa bagong post ni Julia Barretto sa Instagram account nito.

Sa bagong instagram post ni Julia sinabi nitong "Move On" kasabay ng kanyang magandang picture.

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Sabi ni Kris Aquino:“Nobody else can write that next chapter BUT you. Own it, Live it, and be Proud of it,”.

Reply naman ni Julia: “@krisaquino Hugs, Tita Kris.”

Si Kris Aquino ay kilala bilang Queen of All Media ng Kapamilya network.

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Thank you @jcbuendia_ for sending me this picture. To the best of my recollection this picture was taken February 14, 2008, a month before Mom was diagnosed with cancer, during a birthday dinner in our then Valle Verde home. i recognized the chairs & the red curtain backdrop as part of the setup done. i also remember that food was all fondue, beef or seafood, cheese as appetizer, and uso nung time na yun- chocolate fondue with your choice of fruits or sponge cake or cookies to dip. Kuya was 12 years old, Bimb was 10 months old. As you can see, uso rin ang manipis na kilay & super shimmer na eye shadow. Cute na Mom & i were both wearing fuchsia and had bright smiles on our faces. Soon as i get home, i’ll have a digital printout of this picture & see what we can do to further enhance it. Weird diba, we were both photographed so often pero in real life, hindi kami mahilig mag pa picture. Me ang reason ko, i do shoots for work. Until now, if you check my feed, konti ang selfies, and i prefer videos or pics w/ my sons or pics of my sons. Tomorrow i know you’ll understand why i’ll choose to be off-line. Maria Corazon Cojuangco Aquino 25 January 1933-1 August 2009
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